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Support and co-development program for self-employed workers and owners of very small businesses


The pandemic has changed our world and the way we do business. Self-employed workers as well as owners of very small businesses (5 employees or less) were not spared, and that is why Espace-O now offers a psychological health support program to reduce isolation and to promote discussions between peers.

The program includes 3 conferences and 9 co-development meetups – a unique formula proposed for the very first time in the Gatineau region, one that offers a practical approach relying on participants' interactions. Not only will this program promote entrepreneur mental health care by giving them tools to care for themselves, but it will also help them boost their recovery with a practical co-development approach.

The program is intended for 45 people divided into 5 groups: 4 in French and 1 in English.

To see program information in French, click HERE.

May 13, 2021 - 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m - Postponed

​Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace

The most healthy workplaces are ones where everyone can be themselves, confident and comfortable to speak openly, suggest and drive improvements, and learn. Managers play a critical role in enabling everyone to their authentic self by creating a workplace where trust prevails, and people do not fear being punished for making a mistake. Learn the principles of, and techniques to build, a psychologically safe workplace.

Speaker: Dean Fulford


Taking Care of Mental Health for Leaders and Managers
​Details to come​ 

Being a leader means balancing the needs for performance with the challenges of being human. In this conference we will talk about how to recognize the signs of negative prolonged stress as well as practical strategies leaders can use to set boundaries and manage anxiety in order to sustain a high level of performance and care for their teams.


Speaker: Breanna Pizutto

Lead in the Moment

​Details to come​ 

If you always deal with your people sensitively and lead them in a way that responds to their individual capabilities, you increase the chance that they will respond by giving their best. Recognizing this as a truth, an effective leader adjusts their leadership approach to match each individual’s needs rather than using the same pattern or leadership style with everyone. Learn to apply the “Platinum Rule” and adapt your approach to leading others.


Speaker: Dean Fulford

Co-development meetups

These conferences are accompanied by co-development meetups that will foster a discussion environment for participants.

The professional co-development group offers a training approach for people who want to learn from each other in order to improve and strengthen their practice. The reflections carried out, individually and in group, are structured through an exchange exercise focusing on issues currently experienced by the participants. All of this makes it easier to get started.

Each group will receive a complementary co-development toolkit as well as a personalized participant's guide, so that members can identify what they learned and where their priorities lie for future actions.

Co-development activities will take place through videoconference over a period of 10 months. Lasting 2 hours each, they will take place on Wednesdays, to 9 to 11 a.m.

May 2021
October 2021
January 2022
June 2021
November 2021
February 2022
September 2021
December 2021
March 2022

Seats in English co-development groups are limited to 9; it is therefore important to register quickly.

However, the virtual conferences are not as limited and will allow for more people.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!


         819 485-0517

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This program is offered free of charge thanks to funding from Services Québec.

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