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Gatineau Company Allied Scientific Pro Obtains a $500,000 Grant from the MEI

Gatineau, September 28, 2021 – The Gatineau company Allied Scientific Pro has obtained a $500,000 non-refundable grant from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec, as part of the Innovation Program.

This funding will allow the manufacturer to go forward with the development of a new AI-assisted high-powered pulse laser. Allied Scientific Pro specializes in the production, distribution, and innovation of high-quality photonic materials.

“This grant will help us accelerate and complete the development of our high-powered laser product line for industrial use. This will allow us to reach high-performance industrial markets. Our cleaning lasers offer a green alternative to current polluting techniques,” explains Steeve Lavoie, CEO of Allied Scientific Pro.

Allied Scientific Pro received support from Cilex as an innovation catalyst and research entity for the creation of the new laser’s control device. The company counted on the expertise of two Cilex team members: Alan Bernardi, innovation expert, and Maha Jazouli, Ph.D., machine learning expert.

Through this collaboration, Allied Scientific Pro was able to implement machine learning techniques in the production process of their new equipment, while being supported by experts in the analysis and conception of algorithms designed to optimize the product’s performance metrics.

“We are pleased to have supported Allied Scientific Pro in the development of this innovative project in clean technology,” notes Martin A. Roy, General Director of Cilex. “Steeve Lavoie is a visionary, putting forward these laser cleaning systems that can eliminate contaminants from metallic surfaces.”

Designed for stripping, treating and cleaning bulky metallic surfaces, this new laser will provide a no-contact treatment that maintains the metal’s structural integrity. Lasers designed by Allied Scientific ensure the user stays safe while stripping paint, reducing lead and zinc contaminated materials by over 98%.

The goal of the Soutien aux projets d’innovation phase of the Innovation Program is to support businesses in their innovative projects and in the protection of their intellectual property, all while encouraging partnerships between companies, with universities and with national or international research centres.

If you would also like to receive Cilex’s support in the development of your innovative projects, do not hesitate to contact us!


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