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The buy-local initiative from Espace-O


More than ever, the coronavirus crisis shows us the importance of buying from our local businesses.

Since the coronavirus crisis, the importance of investing in our local businesses is more than ever part of our shared values. Synonymous with our community vitality, buying locally is important for many reasons. The impact on our community’s quality of life is countless: jobs, commercial diversity, economic vitality, social and event wealth, variety in recreation and entertainment, and support for our vulnerable groups.

In the wake of this crisis, where many of us have adopted new ways of consuming, it is more important than ever to facilitate access to our businesses.

The entire Outaouais region is mobilizing to support local purchasing.

This initiative brings together economic partners from all corners of the region to help the consumer community choose local products and meet their needs with local merchants.

Outaouais First, it is a movement that wants to promote products and services made here, to make local merchants known.  This movement also offers tools to help you find what you’re looking for at home, in the Outaouais!

Outaouais First is a voice for all initiatives that promote local purchasing. Since many communities and economic interest groups are also developing initiatives for their own sectors and members, the Outaouais First movement wants to put the spotlight on them so that we can all discover, explore, choose and adopt them.

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