Any entrepreneur or team trying to make their idea into a real start-up must validate their concept first. But how? You and your team have a hundred different things in mind and you don’t know where to start. Using the step-by-step structure of the Bootcamp program, we can guide you through the validation and rollout of your business project.

What can I expect?

  • A 16-week program divided in 9 steps where you progress at your own pace

  • A method incorporating various tools based on the Lean Startup, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Strategyzer, and Customer Development approaches 

  • 16 hours of coaching divided according to your needs

  • Privileged access to our experts, affiliated researchers, professionals in residence, and our vast network of contacts to help you through the validation process


In a nutshell, a flexible structure with supported autonomy.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for innovative tech startups that are at the commercial and technological validation phase, and that want to be coached and equipped through the validation process.


If you are still in the idea phase, we recommend you take part in the Sprint

If you’ve already validated your project and you’re in the pre-market or market entry phase, the Aventure program would be a better fit.

What's my commitment?

If you’re selected for the Bootcamp program, you commit to: 

  • Following the process step-by-step

  • Attend the scheduled meetings

  • Dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the program each week, to follow the various steps (about 20 hours/week)

  • Sign and abide by the service agreement and the non-disclosure agreement

How does it work?

  1. You and your team fill out the application form.

  2. If your application is complete, we will contact you to schedule a Zoom interview.

  3. During the interview, you pitch your start-up to us and answer a few questions from our team. 

  4. You will receive an answer within a week.

  5. If you are selected, we sign a 16-week coaching agreement and a coach is assigned to you to start the program.

  6. At the end of the 16-week period, you keep the method and tools but don’t have access to the coaching anymore.

When is it?

All year long – recruitment is ongoing.

Where is it?

At home, in front of your computer.

How much is it?

A one-time payment of $300 (plus applicable taxes) per project for entrepreneurs in the Outaouais region.


A one-time payment of $500 (plus applicable taxes) per project for entrepreneurs outside the Outaouais region.