Brokrete‘s mission is to change and empower the concrete industry using technology. The company is looking to transform the way ready-mix concrete is ordered and offer the solutions suppliers and contractors need and crave for. We let contractors order concrete and manage the delivery process in real-time from an app without having to do one single phone call. Brokrete’s goal is to completely remove the dispatch component of concrete delivery and create the only completely autonomous and intelligent concrete ordering process in the world.


Co-mender is a specialized engineering and construction company that uses an online platform and app solution with advanced Augmented reality technology software to link contractors , owners and engineers who have challenges in their concrete structures with its international experts and local certified engineers and contracting partners and help them with the aid of its highly knowledgeable technical team to select the best condition survey protocols and design and implement the optimum repair solutions


Cognilore Information Solutions specializes in the development and delivery of next-generation digital publishing software designed for reference publishers and other commercial content owners worldwide. We provide complete solutions to the professional publishing market that are ideally suited to the delivery of legal, medical, technical, and business reference products in digital formats.


“Make or buy” is what organizations typically ask themselves when they are looking for business solutions. CREDIL, the Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre, offers a third option. CREDIL operates as a clearinghouse for organizations in search of solutions and actual software developers who use, modify and integrate free/libre software for agile deployment into streamlined and customized solutions. In CREDIL lingo, we help connect “sponsors” and “makers” in a way that meets everyone’s needs and enable the development of sustainable, open and portable solutions.


Crypto4A Technologies is developing Next Generation Security Processing Appliances, bringing assurance to Cybersecurity. Crypto4A was founded by four Canadian experts in the field of information security and cryptography for commercial and military applications. Bruno Couillard, Jean-Pierre Fiset, Jim Goodman and Brad Ritchie, who collectively have over 100 years of direct experience in this field, were instrumental in the design of the first generation of commercial hardware security modules.


Ecere develops innovative high-performance software solutions solving various computer science challenges, with a particular focus on the process of software engineering, digital cartography, Geographic Information Systems, as well as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality. Ecere is also committed to the open-source philosophy of collaboration and open standards (particularly in the geospatial domain, as a member of the Open Geospatial Consortium and active in the OSGeo community), driving a number of cross-platform free and open-source software projects, including a graphics engine, a User Interface toolkit, a compiler for the eC language and an Integrated Development Environment.


Ecovista offers green home cleaning services using its easy to use mobile platform. We use the latest schedule optimization, appointment-scheduling and internal management technologies to deliver a unique customer experience in the field.


eSano Communications is a Canadian Business Process Outsourcing company that delivers world-class service to car dealerships. Our focus is on back-office business operations that are outsourced to our expert team. We use our focused effort and expertise to maximize every customer touch point, enhance the customer experience and drive customer loyalty; which saves cost and increase the bottom line for our clients.


Created in 2017, IN-SEC-M, the national cyber security cluster, is a non-profit organization that brings together business, research centers, academics, government actors and sectoral associations determined to address the most complex challenges in cyber security. IN-SEC-M’s mission is to mobilize key players around common goals and concerted actions to increase the cohesion and competitiveness of the Canadian cyber security industry on a national and international level.


Constitué de passionnés de développement organisationnel et de développement de logiciels, JSD Conseil vous offre, de façon intégrée, l’accompagnement nécessaire au succès du développement de vos opérations et de vos produits. Certifiés en Scrum Alliance, Scrum Org. et SAFe, nos consultants sont spécialisés dans l’intégration de l’Agilité dans les organisations, la gestion de portefeuille et le déploiement de livraisons Agile afin d’aider les entreprises à s’organiser, à se structurer et à offrir des environnements sains, créatifs et énergisants nécessaires à l’épanouissement des équipes et au succès des projets.


Maple Media is a mobile media, advertising and technology company that acquires, manages, and operates mobile applications. We have over 250 apps under management, focusing on the utility, productivity, games, finance and entertainment verticals.


Merizzi Ramsbottom & Forster relies on a team of highly reputable intellectual property lawyers and registered agents who stand apart for their vast technical and legal experience as well as their client-centred approach. Our professionals specialize in patent and trademark portfolio development and offer personalized strategic consulting services in intellectual property.


Nutritionr is a start-up company developing a unique online nutritional coaching platform. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the quality of life of our customers by giving them easy access to required resources. The success of our customers is not just about nutrition, but about interacting with a qualified professional who not only provides advice but becomes an integral part of the customers’ support network.


Ramius Corporation (now named Recollevtive), the developer of Recollective, is a software company focused on the development of cloud-based social software for engagement and research. Since our inception in 1998, we have developed online community systems and social networking platforms for millions of consumers and hundreds of enterprises including SAP, NASA, Honeywell, Kaiser Permanente, Ciena, Sony, Nikon, Dreamworks, and the World Bank. Recollective is a privately-held Canadian company based in the Ottawa region.


Repère développe des outils de communication destinés à attirer et à orienter les visiteurs des destinations récréotouristiques qui permettent aux entreprises d’améliorer leur expérience-client en facilitant le choix d’activités adaptées et en favorisant une navigation sécuritaire sur le terrain.


Spectronix is a start-up actively involved in the development of groundbreaking AI-enabled devices for the monitoring of health and physiological parameters. Our current focus is the development of an innovative biometric wearable to track saturation levels for health and cognition monitoring in extreme environments.


Spiderwort Inc. is a company specialized in the development of transformative biomaterials to regenerate human tissues. Their cellulose-based biomaterials target many applications in reconstructive surgery as well as in bone and nerve tissue regeneration.