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Alix is a cutting-edge platform where users can hire various service providers to take care of their seasonal housecleaning and maintenance chores. Alix helps people book cleaning services in the Outaouais region for their homes, businesses and even their cars at the touch of a button. The platform also lets entrepreneurs promote their own companies by offering their services by registering as a provider, helping them grow their businesses by avoiding having to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks.


A revolution in sampling analysis! Bioeureka is an AI-powered image recognizer application that analyzes, catalogues and interprets images of samples from microscopes.


The Construction Estimating Center (CEC) is the developer of two web-based estimating applications that are used by consumers, retailers, manufacturers and both general and specialized contractors. The Virtual Constructor allows you to estimate several projects using 2D or 3D plans such as patios, sheds, garages, cottages, houses and roofs, while EstimCAD Decking and Railing allows you to draw accurate custom deck plans to estimate structures, stairs and aluminum or glass railings.


Cognilore Information Solutions specializes in the development and delivery of next-generation digital publishing software designed for reference publishers and other commercial content owners worldwide. We provide complete solutions to the professional publishing market that are ideally suited to the delivery of legal, medical, technical, and business reference products in digital formats.


Conatix pioneers the application of AI and advanced 3D visualization to cybersecurity monitoring and detection. Their products help banks and companies detect insider and supplier fraud while it is happening, not afterward. They offer AI-based insider fraud detection and supplier and employee threat protection for enterprise and wireless (software-defined) IT networks at scale.


The NRC partners with Canadian industry to take research impacts from the lab to the marketplace, where people can experience the benefits. This market-driven focus delivers innovation faster, enhances people’s lives and addresses some of the world’s most pressing problems. They are responsive, creative and uniquely placed to partner with Canadian industry, to invest in strategic R&D programming that will address critical issues for Canada’s future.


“Make or buy” is what organizations typically ask themselves when they are looking for business solutions. CREDIL, the Centre for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Liberty, offers a third option. CREDIL operates as a clearinghouse for organizations in search of solutions and actual software developers who use, modify and integrate free software for agile deployment into streamlined and customized solutions. In CREDIL lingo, they help connect “sponsors” and “makers” in a way that meets everyone’s needs and enable the development of sustainable, open and portable solutions.

Logo Crypto4A.

Crypto4A Technologies is developing Next Generation Security Processing Appliances, bringing assurance to Cybersecurity. Crypto4A was founded by four Canadian experts in the field of information security and cryptography for commercial and military applications. Bruno Couillard, Jean-Pierre Fiset, Jim Goodman and Brad Ritchie, who collectively have over 100 years of direct experience in this field, were instrumental in the design of the first generation of commercial hardware security modules.

Logo CyberDefense.AI.

CYBERDEFENSE AI develops AI-assisted cybersecurity solutions, namely CYBERWALL and CYBERPASS. These tools have been created to address the needs of SMEs and organizations faced with a shortage of specialists by helping them automate some of these specialized tasks. CYBERWALL automatically and continuously detects vulnerabilities in web applications and request anomalies. It also provides real-time detection and shielding to help protect the organization against injection attacks that exploit critical vulnerabilities. The goal is to get rid of blind spots and help ensure that security teams are not wasting their time analyzing false positives.


Ecovista is a platform available in several regions of Quebec and Ontario offering an innovative type of service in the field of residential cleaning. Their client account system allows the customer to know the status of their service at all times as well as keeping track of all interactions and comments made in the past, enabling the company to know the situation of each client at a glance and thus offer them a personalized and efficient service. It is also important for Ecovista to reduce the environmental footprint of cleaning services as much as possible while offering true peace of mind thanks to its rigorous selection process for its cleaning professionals.

Logo eSano.

eSano Communications is a Canadian Business Process Outsourcing company that delivers world-class service to car dealerships. Their focus is on back-office business operations that are outsourced to their expert team. They use our focused efforts and expertise to maximize every customer touch point, enhance the customer experience and drive customer loyalty, which saves costs and increases the bottom line for their clients.

F8th logo - orange mauve.png

F8th Inc. offers an enhanced security solution based on behavioural biometrics. Their continuous authentication safeguards accounts and sessions, defending them against threats like takeovers, bots, and insider attacks. F8th helps you achieve robust protection without the hassle of complex processes.


Relying on knowledge from two major scientific fields — music and learning, and the prevention of written language learning difficulties — Fortissimo created an innovative music-based custom educational tool named Pseudo. Its goal is to help children discover and learn about reading and writing through music. Pseudo is easy to use and accessible to all people playing a key role in helping young children develop an interest in reading. It can also help children with speech sound development difficulties, with verbal dyspraxia or with difficulties in the early stages of reading.


Ikarus is a collective of specialized technologists that are joined together with the goal of creating cutting-edge innovations that favourably affect the lives of millions of people. They believe that the heart of innovation lies within the collective expertise and passion of their team. Their diverse group of multi-skilled developers brings together years of experience, a plethora of skills, and a shared commitment to excellence that drives every project they undertake.

Logo In-Sec-M.

Created in 2017, In-Sec-M, the national cyber security cluster, is a non-profit organization that brings together business, research centres, academics, government actors and sectoral associations determined to address the most complex challenges in cyber security. In-Sec-M’s mission is to mobilize key players around common goals and concerted actions to increase the cohesion and competitiveness of the Canadian cyber security industry on a national and international level.


The Digital Trust Laboratory is a non-profit organization that provides services to both the public and private sectors. It was founded by the Digital Identification & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) and In-Sec-M. The laboratory offers a full range of evaluation, testing and certification services for digital identity solutions regarding their compliance and interoperability.


Medzy is Quebec’s 100% online pharmacy platform focused on the health and well-being of patients. Through the platform, customers have access to a fully online service where they can order their medication and receive it free of charge anywhere in Quebec and can also access the telepharmacy and 24/7 emergency service. Services are offered to the whole family and are also specifically adapted for people who have developed a chronic disease.


Memo is a tool that allows you to transmit important directives and ensures that they are well understood. Regardless of the size of your team or organization, you can be sure that everyone will receive your directives and implement them with Memo. The tool allows you to give your directives by recording your screen as a video or by uploading it, then gives you the opportunity to add a few questions that you consider relevant in order to verify that people have understood the information. Memo then verifies that the video is viewed in its entirety by each recipient and that the questions have been answered correctly.

Logo Northern Block.

Northern Block is an Ontario-based technology provider enabling global organizations to build digital trust. Northern Block is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. Since being founded in 2017, they’ve successfully deployed 30+ decentralized architecture solutions that leverage combinations of verifiable credentials, decentralized identities, digital assets, smart contracts, and distributed file storage. In early 2021, Northern Block released the first commercial-grade verifiable credential platform in Canada: the NB Orbit SSI Enterprise Platform and the NB Orbit Digital Mobile Wallet.


Phista Technologies is revolutionizing urban parking management to enhance mobility in cities. Their innovative approach incorporates cutting-edge technology that transforms how cities handle their parking spaces, providing real-time information on occupancy. This simplifies the parking search for drivers while assisting local authorities in optimizing urban planning. In parallel, they offer a platform for sharing private parking spaces, expanding the available options in urban environments, and creating synergy between drivers’ needs and cities’ parking management initiatives.

Secure Exchanges logo.png

Whether it’s sharing a credit card number, a confidential document or a social insurance number, Secure Exchanges allows you to exchange with a correspondent without having to worry about having your personal information intercepted. Their technology allows you to transact your information directly through the web site, their API or their Outlook plug-in, without the need for a special license. You can even obtain fully secure encrypted documents from an external correspondent who does not have a license. Secure Exchanges also allows you to have documents signed by email or SMS via our innovative encryption technology.

Logo Spectronix.

Spectronix is a startup actively involved in the development of groundbreaking AI-enabled devices for the monitoring of health and physiological parameters. Their current focus is the development of an innovative biometric wearable to track saturation levels for health and cognition monitoring in extreme environments.


Spiderwort’s proprietary technology uses cellulose-based biomaterials to engineer living scaffolds for a variety of groundbreaking regenerative medicine applications. Spiderwort’s Aerocell(TM) and Hydrocell(TM) technology platforms provide clinicians and research teams precise control over stiffness, shape, textures, long-range architectures, to stimulate and control tissue regeneration.


Trebble FM aims to help pros and amateurs create, edit and distribute high quality spoken-word audio entirely online. The company created the platform Trebble so that everyone can work with audio content without needing any training. Trebble automatically creates a transcription of the spoken content and then edits the recording from the text file, on top of automating the postproduction stage to easily obtain an audio file of optimal quality.


Versolo offers custom management systems built around the individual and specific needs of every business. The platform allows for quick early development and adjustments, in addition to Azure, Amazon and Google hosting for optimal reliability. Versolo offers its clients a variety of tools and functionalities to best fulfill their needs and is constantly adding new resources to its toolkit.


Wyhn offers School Organizations a centralized platform, supporting all current and future management and communications needs. For Parents, Wyhn provide privacy focused tools for sharing information about their children immediately and continuously. For Carriers, it’s a smart fleet management system enabling operation optimization and solutions to improve the recurring school bus driver shortage.


XLKey’s mission is to help farmers successfully adopt precision agriculture and finally reach their land’s full potential. XLKey created a vast network of experts that can guide farming businesses through the implementation of a profitable and sustainable precision agriculture strategy. The company has also set up one of the most advanced data frameworks in the agricultural sector, a necessary tool for all projects linked to data management and development in agriculture.



Aniya Green Energy Solutions (Aniya GES) is a provider of renewable energies and green technologies. They offer environmentally friendly solutions, such as solar power, wind power, battery storage, and artificial intelligence. Their business model is based on exporting Canadian clean technology and renewable energy to Japan and other countries, and importing Japanese clean technology to North American and other areas.

autotrace logo.png
AUTOTRACE.ORG is a transnational platform created by Groupe Pash Inc. that promises to facilitate the detection and recovery of stolen vehicles worldwide. The platform’s innovative strategy safeguards citizens by ensuring real-time information on stolen vehicles is easily accessible to individuals and organizations worldwide, which helps detect and recover stolen cars even if they have been exported or given a new vehicle identification number.

Bloc Passive Block logo.png

Bloc Passive Block Inc. has created a leading-edge building system by designing a wall product called the Insulated Fireproof Concrete Form (IFCF), with autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). The IFCF is resource-efficient because it is made from only non-organic materials that contain up to 80% air. The IFCF not only simplifies wall construction but can insulate to passive levels while channelling a minimum of poured concrete to form posts and beams. This further minimizes the use of natural resources while creating greater resilience to extreme weather.


Dimpo is a platform created, designed, and developed entirely by MN Digital Planet Inc., a Canadian company that is dedicated to helping accountants transition to digital processes and digitize their accounting tasks, for both individuals and companies.


The Last Price platform is designed to simplify the car shopping experience by providing a user-friendly interface that allows you to search, compare and explore the latest models from top brands. Their website features detailed information about each car, including specifications, features, and pricing, so clients can make an informed decision.


Based in Montreal, PlanHub is a search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada. They provide access to some of the best mobile, internet and TV plans for all needs in a matter of seconds. The platform is constantly updated and guarantees the best prices and deals on the market. PlanHub also offers an alert system that allows users to get notified of the newest offers on the market, letting customers save both time and money.


Romy helps municipalities, RCMs and transit companies to bolster their sustainable mobility options by offering dynamic carpooling services that benefit their citizens. With Romy, carpooling becomes as simple as hitchhiking. Romy maximizes opportunities for drivers and passengers to help reduce solo driving on the road; that way, everybody wins!


Rosecape conducts advanced analysis, enhanced by reliable external data. The company combines best practices in engineering and data science to improve and simplify business decisions. Rosecape processes and unifies data from points of sale, e-commerce platforms and marketing tools, while adding contextual value by leveraging third-party sources.


SYNECDO produces and distributes innovative tools and methods to improve human efficiency and facilitate adaptation to change in organizations. Their strength resides in their unique team of passionate experts and two generations of researchers. Thanks to current technologies, developed methods and global economic contingencies, SYNECDO is able to transform the company’s human resources into added value.

fond carré - verifai.png

Verifa.i. is a Montreal-based startup committed to placing the power of technology on the side of honest, value-creating companies in their fight against looting cybercriminals. Our Decision Support tool evaluates the risk associated with each email the user is currently reading and draws their attention to suspicious elements about the origin, content but also language thanks to a proprietary artificial intelligence model.

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