Stay tuned for news about the Outatouais entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join our themed workshops and events to build your network in the technology and innovation communities.

Events are slowing down for the summer and will pick back up in September. Don't hesitate to contact us if you're in need of specific advice until then. Our team remains available.

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Meetings with BDC Tech
Back in September


You have questions regarding your company's financial planning? Thanks to its partnership with BDC, Cilex can offer you one-hour-long individual meetings with Martin Paquette, account manager in the technology industry at BDC and professional in residence at Cilex.

The formal sessions will resume in September, but we can schedule a meeting on demand if you need it. Get in touch with us!

Sprint of September 2022
Date to be announced – Online workshop


It's nice to have your friends and family say, “Wow, that’s such a good idea,” but are you in need of real constructive criticism before you take the plunge? Come and pitch us your innovative idea, and we’ll help you ask the right questions.

Guest entrepreneur: to be announced