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Are you currently developing or improving a product/service for a technological innovation project? Or do you want to implement artificial intelligence solutions in your company? Cilex can help you structure and carry out your applied research project

What is it?

Cilex can guide you through:

  • defining your innovative project and establishing its structure;

  • seeking out the needed resources and expertise;

  • searching for sources of funding;

  • preparing your requests for funding;

  • implementing and carrying out your project.

The intellectual property you develop will remain yours. With the help of our professionals in residence and our partners, we will also be able to guide and counsel you on the matter.

A few concrete examples of projects we coached:

  • artificial intelligence implementation in the publishing industry;

  • artificial intelligence usage in the prison environment;

  • digital transformation in the publishing industry;

  • digital transformation in the automotive sector;

  • smart web scraping to detect illicit content on the internet;

  • implementing an online teaching space for language technologies.

They put their trust is us:

Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with one of our experts!

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