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Are you seeking new technological tools to help solve your business challenges but are getting lost among all the options regarding Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, or simply all the project management software out there? Cilex can guide you through the analysis and selection of an appropriate solution for your needs.

What is it?

Cilex will analyze the architecture of your business, your technological readiness and your current challenges in order to guide you toward appropriate tech solutions. The three-month process, split up into five steps, will be undertaken in collaboration with you and your staff:


Step 1 – First meeting to define your current needs, outline the project and identify the key players to interview.


Step 2 – One-on-one interview with key team members in order to analyse your organisational architecture, your digital skills, your internal communications, your perception of change and your governance structure.


Step 3 – Analysis of your current tools, your main work documents, and your business processes.

Step 4 – Identifying your priority needs in both technology and change management, as well as key areas of intervention, so that your business can progress efficiently toward its new digital environment.

Step 5 – Handing in of a report outlining recommendations and possible solutions.



Please note that Cilex only offers recommendations and that the final choice is left to the company. Cilex does not offer implementation services. This next step will need to be undertaken with a specialist of the chosen solution.

Who is it for?

This service is intended for very small and small enterprises and organizations.

If you are a larger business, we recommend that you check out the Industry 4.0 Audit.



Interested? Schedule an appointment with us for a free exploratory first meeting!

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