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The first edition of the program has now concluded.

The Cilex cybersecurity networking program helps advance the business development of Quebec startups that are developing innovative cybersecurity solutions and wish to receive support from Brigil and the cybersecurity and digital identity ecosystem.

Logo of the cybersecurity networking program.
Discover the startups selected for the program’s first cohort!
Manuel Patry, digital project lead at Cilex, explains how the program works.
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What is it?

The cybersecurity networking program offers:

  • A personalized coaching service worth up to $75,000 thanks to the Momentum service from MAIN, supported by the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation;

  • A series of introductory workshops about the functioning of public procurement markets, notably on bidding, lobbying, industrial and technological benefits (ITBs), and certifications/accreditation;

  • A privileged access to Brigil, a well-established company, and its vast network and expertise;

  • A privileged access to our partners specialized in cybersecurity;

  • Access to the entire Cilex network;

  • Access to our coworking space as well as our conference room.


With the aim of:

  • Bettering your understanding of the B2B market and the players of the construction and real estate industries;

  • Accelerating your commercialization with better business development and collaborative best practices between startups and established businesses;

  • Helping you access funding and sources of investment;

  • Helping you access resources specialized in cybersecurity and digital identity to enrich your solution;

  • Helping your business grow in markets outside Quebec;

  • Validating your product-market fit and your pricing model;

  • Build your credibility and reputation.

Who is it for?

This program is designed for stratups in cybersecurity and digital identity from anywhere in Quebec that fit the following criteria:

  • Headquartered in Quebec (NEQ number);

  • Established business model based on a novel product or service;

  • High growth potential (potentially scalable business model);

  • Credible market validation (sales, pre-orders, deal with at least one client, etc.);

  • At the start of commercialization (annual revenue of $2,000,000 or under);

  • At least two full-time resources (cofounders or employees).

What’s my commitment?

If you are selected as one of the cohort’s startups, you commit to:

  • Comply with the terms listed in the program’s agreement and in the Momentum service agreement from MAIN;

  • Attend all planned meetings and activities;

  • Be in Gatineau for in-person meetings and activities.

How does it work?
  • Application phase from October 13 to November 30, 2022;

  • Shortlisting of candidates by Cilex and program partners during the week of December 5;

  • Pitch session in front of Brigil during the week of December 12;

  • Final selection and announcement of the 10 selected startups: December 16;

  • Start of the program: January 9, 2023.

When is it?

From January 9, 2023, to December 31, 2023.

Where is it?

In hybrid format, between Gatineau and Zoom. Most of the program will be online, but some visits to Gatineau are to be planned for specific activities.


Program outline: Personalized one-year program. Coaching by the Brigil teams. Privileged information sessions with Brigil and program partners. Coaching from program partners. Access to financing options. Privileged access to networks surrounding Cilex, specialized partners and Brigil. Opportunities to develop pilot projects.



Founded in 1985 by Gilles Desjardins, the real estate company Brigil has greatly contributed to the economic growth of the Outaouais region. In the last two decades, over 10,000 Brigil housing units have been built all over Outaouais as well as on the Ontario side of the river.

The living environments created by Brigil are on the cutting-edge of the construction industry and feature among the most sought-after addresses of the National Capital Region.

The real estate company has over 200 employees and subcontracts numerous projects to various businesses and entrepreneurs of the Outaouais region.

Logo of Brigil.
Jessy Desjardins, Vice-President of Development and Conception, speaks about Brigil’s involvement in the program.
English subtitles available
Logo of CyberQuébec.

CyberQuébec is the Collegial Centre for Technology Transfer (CCTT) in cybersecurity for the Cégep de l’Outaouais. Its mission is to make cybersecurity accessible. As a CCTT, CyberQuébec offers various funding tools for innovative projects and applied research in cybersecurity, as well as various training and awareness workshops.

Logo of Export Outaouais.

Export Outaouais’s mission, in synergy with their regional and international partners, is to stimulate the exports of goods and services from businesses across the Outaouais region by helping them to develop, consolidate or diversify their markets outside Quebec and internationally. Affiliated to the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce, Export Outaouais is mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation, and Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

Logo of In-Sec-M.

In-Sec-M is Canada’s cybersecurity industry cluster that brings together companies, learning and research institutions, and government actors. As a non-profit organization, In-Sec-M aims to promote the cybersecurity industry and increase the innovation, commercialization and growth capabilities of businesses in this field. 

Logo of IVÉO.

IVÉO is a non-profit organization, financed by the Government of Quebec and partner cities, to guide small and medium-sized cities in the rollout of innovative solutions. By privileging the development of pilot projects, IVÉO also helps accelerate the validation and commercialization of technological innovations aimed at smart and sustainable cities.


The DTLab is an independent non-profit entity dedicated to advancing digital trust by breaking down barriers to digital ID adoption. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption, development and knowledge of compliant and interoperable digital ID solutions.

Logo of the Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec.

The mission of the Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation du Québec (MAIN) is to improve the cohesion and efficiency of the business incubator and accelerator ecosystem and to increase its impact in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation and Quebec. MAIN fosters collaborations between accelerators, incubators and other ecosystem actors by ensuring more efficient sharing of resources, knowledge and good practices developed in the network.

Logo of PROMPT.

PROMPT is one of nine industrial research sectoral groups (RSRI) in Quebec. The mission of RSRIs is to help propel Quebec’s economy by stimulating the rise of leaders in all emerging technology sectors. PROMPT’s key sector is information and communication technology (ICT) and computing, from hardware to software as well as components, networks and applications.

Logo of RHEA Group.

RHEA Group provides custom engineering solutions, systems development and security services for space, military, government and other critical infrastructure. Its mission is to offer engineering services and tailored technologies, underpinning critical infrastructures, in space and on Earth.

Logo of the City of Gatineau.
Logo of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.


A Year of Cybersecurity: Closing Event

Read our press release about the closing of the program's first edition.

Closing Event:

November 30, 2023 — 5 to 7 p.m.

In the Spiria offices at 60, promenade du Portage, Gatineau

Program Launch

Read our press release about the launch of this new program.

Launch Event:

October 13, 2022 — 9 to 11 a.m.

At Canevas at 425, Saint-Joseph Blvd. Gatineau

Startup Announcement

Read our press release unveiling the startups selected for 2023.

Announcement Event:

January 17, 2023 — 5 to 7 p.m.

At Canevas at 425, Saint-Joseph Blvd. Gatineau

Get to know the startups of the 2023 cohort!

Subtitles are available in English and French

You can also watch our program playlist directly on YouTube.

Meet the various program actors

Subtitles are available in English and French

You can also watch our program playlist directly on YouTube.

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Vidéos partenaires
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