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Photo Geneviève Ouimet.

Geneviève Ouimet

Acting General Director

Director of Espace-O

Photo Charles Lapointe.

Charles Lapointe
Innovation Catalyst
Entrepreneurship Coach

Photo Maha Jazouli.

Maha Jazouli, Ph.D.
Expert in Artificial Intelligence
Industry 4.0 Auditor

Photo Véronique Nabelsi.

Véronique Nabelsi, Ph.D.
Senior Expert in R&D and Innovation
Industry 4.0 Auditor

Photo Manuel Patry.

Manuel Patry

Project Manager

Photo Mathilde Cambus.

Mathilde Cambus
Executive Assistant

Photo Chloé Martinetti.

Chloé Martinetti
Director of Operations and Development

Photo Farid Dagher.

Farid Dagher, CPA, CMA
Innovation Catalyst
Entrepreneurship Coach

Photo Antonio Misaka.

Antonio Misaka, M.Sc.A
Expert in Information Technology

Photo Nathalie Lavergne.

Nathalie Lavergne
Innovation Adviser and
Project Coordinator, Espace-O

Photo James Landry.

James Landry
Communications Adviser
Magician of Images

Photo Jérémie Chamberland.
Jérémie Chamberland, BBA, DESS
Financial Controller
Photo Michelle Robitaille.

Michelle Robitaille, MBA
Director and Project Lead, Connexité

Photo Sylvia Andriamaharosoa.

Sylvia Andriamaharosoa, Ph.D.
Expert in SR&ED
Industry 4.0 Auditor

Photo Alan Bernardi.

Alan Bernardi
Senior Expert in Innovation and Strategy
Industry 4.0 Auditor

Photo Mylène Sarrazin.

Mylène Sarrazin
Innovation Adviser and

Project Coordinator, Espace-O

Photo Caroline Martineau.

Caroline Martineau
Communications Adviser
Jedi of Social Media



Photo Gabriel Laporte.

Gabriel Laporte


Vice-President of Sales and Business Development at Tough Commerce

Photo Ann Delarosbil.

Ann Delarosbil

Administrator, Representative of the Partners Council

Regional Director of the Outaouais Campus of the ÉEQ

Photo Édith Gaudet.

Édith Gaudet


Regional Vice-President of the Fonds régionaux de Solidarité FTQ

Photo Bruce Levis.

Bruce Levis


Cofounder and Managing Partner at Becker-Carroll

Photo Patrick Duguay.

Patrick Duguay


General Director of CDROL

Photo Steve Brabant.

Steve Brabant


General Director of the Cégep de l’Outaouais

Photo Murielle Laberge.

Murielle Laberge


Chancellor of the Université du Québec en Outaouais

Photo Julie Moffatt.

Julie Moffatt


Director of Export Outaouais

Photo Claudine Cyr.

Claudine Cyr


Financial Analysis Manager, University of Ottawa

Photo Marc Fricker.

Marc Fricker, CD1


Professor at Cégep Heritage College

Photo Steeve Lavoie.

Steeve Lavoie


Fonder and CEO of Allied Scientific Pro

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