The mandate of the Espace d'accélération et de croissance de l'Outaouais is to boost various forms of innovation (products, processes, business model, social and open innovation) and foster a culture of innovation.


Our mandate:

  • Develop innovation ecosystems in the Outaouais region;

  • Create a gathering point dedicated to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, enabling the sharing of ideas along with a close collaboration between the research community and the private and public sectors;

  • Orient and guide entrepreneurs towards specialized accompaniment services;

  • Set up activities promoting the adoption of innovative best practices (networking, workshops, conferences, etc.);

  • Ensure local services throughout all the territory by creating antennas in the RCMs in order to facilitate exchanges through videoconferencing.

The Espace is committed to stimulating company innovation and to support them in this process. Its aim is not to duplicate existing services, but rather to create synergy between them while honouring their respective mandates. Cilex is proud, as a catalyst to innovation, to carry such a project aiming to develop a culture of innovation throughout the region. Located at the crossroads of various areas of expertise, Cilex wishes to support the development of a dynamic economic ecosystem over the entire territory.


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