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5 to 7: Discussion Panel

Without a doubt, health is a subject that touches everyone, especially the services offered to us. Whether you are a health care professional, a computer technician, a doctor, an entrepreneur, or a patient, you are invited to come and share your experience!

Meetings and exchanges with experts of the technological innovation field and health care professionals, represented by Cilex, Macadamian Technologies, SEKMED, Bruyère, and Hacking Health will take place.

  • 17:00 Reception

  • 17:30 Hacking Health Presentation

  • Subject introduction – The role of technology in improving the patient experience

  • Panelists introduction

  • Questions for panelists (current problems and solutions)

  • Q & A

  • 18:30 Networking

From identifying current difficulties to finding concrete solutions, the discussion panel is intended to find a way to respond to the patients’ needs.

About Hacking Health

Hacking Health is a global movement seeking to improve health care. Hacking Health members unite in the pursuit of a common objective: eliminate the innovation obstacles in the health sector.

In these times of technological societal transformation, they bring together patients, health care professionals, physicians, technologists, designers, company presidents, researchers, and administrators to collaborate and solve concrete problems.

The organization will receive all registration fees.


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