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Cilex and Institut Innovation Gatineau Collaborate to Lift Outaouais Region to New Heights

Gatineau, 1 March 2024 — Technological incubator-accelerator Cilex and the Institut Innovation Gatineau (IIG) have reached an agreement in principle to develop a close strategic partnership as part of a visionary plan to energize and position the Outaouais region as a centre of excellence for startup incubation and acceleration.

This partnership between Cilex and IIG opens the way to unprecedented collaboration, bringing together the two organizations’ expertise and resources to help catalyze growth and stimulate innovation in the Outaouais community.

This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era of innovation for the Outaouais region, with the aim to:

  • Promote innovation: By encouraging and supporting startups, we aim to foster a dynamic ecosystem for business incubation and technological project acceleration for the whole region.

  • Strengthen networking: By facilitating dialogue and partnerships between businesses, institutions of higher learning and research organizations, we wish to increase synergy and foster cooperation for the development of innovative projects.

  • Attract investment: By shining a spotlight on the region’s unique expertise and technological opportunities, this strategic partnership aims to attract new public and private investment. Our objective is to position the Outaouais region not only as a centre of excellence in technological innovation, but also as an ideal destination for innovative businesses looking for an environment rich in opportunities.

  • Encourage regional growth: By working hand in hand with local players, we commit to contributing to the economic and social development of the Outaouais region, creating long-lasting opportunities for its inhabitants and its communities.

“This close collaboration offers a unique opportunity to highlight the Outaouais region’s assets. Our region possesses a wealth of talent, an outstanding ability to innovate and strong institutional support, making it the ideal environment for visionary entrepreneurs and investors.”

This collaboration is a catalyst allowing us to bolster our efforts, optimize our resources and maximize our impact on the growth of Outaouais startups and SMEs. The details of this strategic partnership will be outlined in the following months.

Gabriel Laporte, Chairman of the Board, Cilex

Sylvain Bertrand, Chairman of the Board, Institut Innovation Gatineau

About Cilex

Cilex helps startups, companies and institutions achieve their technological innovation goals by providing a service structure in incubation, acceleration and research and development. It catalyzes a culture of technological innovation in the entire Outaouais region and in the National Capital Region. Cilex brings together coaches, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs, professionals and researchers, to promote innovation.

About Institut Innovation Gatineau

The Institut Innovation Gatineau (IIG) is a centre of excellence in innovation devoted to the support and the promotion of the Gatineau area’s economic and technological development. IIG was created by and for entrepreneurs. Through its collaboration with private sector partners, IIG aims to catalyze innovation and stimulate the region’s economic growth.


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