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Cilex Startup Launches Groundbreaking Transnational Platform to Combat Vehicle Theft

Gatineau, 11 March 2024 — Incubator-accelerator Cilex is proud to announce the launch of by one of its promising startups, Groupe Pash Inc. Developed under the guidance and support of Cilex, the website is a revolutionary platform looking to make a difference in the fight against car theft.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a solid understanding of the transnational aspects of vehicle theft, promises to facilitate the detection and recovery of stolen vehicles worldwide. The platform’s innovative strategy safeguards citizens by ensuring real-time information on stolen vehicles is easily accessible to individuals and organizations worldwide, which helps detect and recover stolen cars even if they have been exported or given a new vehicle identification number.


“We are thrilled to see our incubated startup reach this milestone with the launch of the platform,” said Chloé Martinetti, Director of operations and development at Cilex. “We believe that has the potential to make a significant impact in protecting Canadian individuals and communities against vehicle theft, and we are proud to have played a role in its development.”


Vehicle theft is escalating at an alarming pace throughout the country, affecting car owners, insurers, and entire communities. Theft networks are using various tactics to minimize the detection of stolen cars, such as transporting vehicles to different regions where they can be sold or used without arousing suspicion or altering the vehicle identification number to conceal the car’s true origin.


These tactics take advantage of the limited sharing of information among stakeholders, both within and across countries or regions. Customs officers may lack access to real-time information on stolen vehicles from other countries, making it difficult for them to detect and seize stolen vehicles arriving at their borders. Customers looking to buy a car could refrain from buying stolen ones if they could easily verify the vehicle’s status beforehand. Making accurate information on stolen vehicles easily accessible to individuals and organizations worldwide becomes a key factor in helping break the rising trend of car thefts in Canada, which is the goal of


For more information about this innovative platform and about how you can get involved, please visit




Sekeya Kouadio-Payne, 514 224-0370

Nathan Lea, 418 651-5948


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