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Six Questions for Martin A. Roy — A GD With a Human Approach

First, how could we define Martin A. Roy?

I am a genuine person who likes to take on challenges. I like being innovative by undertaking unique projects and it’s very important to me to see them through.

What makes a good manager according to you?

A good manager must set an example by being humble. They should know how to leverage the strengths of the professionals on their team by giving them projects where they can feel fulfilled.

How would you define your leadership style?

My leadership style is based on good human relationships and trust; micromanagement doesn’t run in my blood. I try to provide the appropriate tools and resources for my colleagues, operating with a collegiality mindset.

What do you think is the most important issue in human resources management?

I think respecting and listening to people are THE most important factors. But if I had to pick only one, I would say listening.

How does a manager measure global success?

Reaching results within a predetermined space/time constraint, but not by any means necessary. It must be done in a pleasant work environment.

If you look back on your career, what is an element that could have influenced you to adopt this human approach to management?

Firstly, not wanting to replicate the management styles that had a negative impact on my career. Secondly, being inspired by the rewarding experiences I’ve had, and combining the best ones together to offer a pleasant and safe work environment.


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