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Trebble FM Makes Audio Editing Simpler for Everyone

The team at Trebble FM, a company incubated at Cilex, recently launched the beta version of their transcription-based online audio editing tool. Thanks to this innovative software, creating professional quality spoken-word content becomes child’s play for beginners and experts alike.

Launched in 2019, Trebble FM aims to help pros and amateurs create, edit and distribute high quality spoken-word audio entirely online. Led by its founder Armel Beaudry, the company has created the platform Trebble so that everyone can work with audio content without needing any training.

“Trebble is the Canva of spoken-word audio. Our platform can be used to create radio content, podcasts, online classes, company tech support and even personal projects. We use text transcription as the starting point of the editing process. That’s our innovation,” explained Armel Beaudry. “We also have an audio library of royalty-free sounds and music.”

Photo of Armeal Beaudry, founder of Trebble.
Armel Beaudry, founder of Trebble.
“We use text transcription as the starting point of the editing process. That’s our innovation.

The classic editing approach uses the audio waveform to edit recordings. The Trebble platform, however, automatically creates a transcription of the spoken content and then edits the recording from the text file. This way, audio editing becomes a much more intuitive process that’s accessible to a larger audience.

In addition, the postproduction stage is also automated. This traditionally requires multiple audio filters (compression, de-essing, equalization, etc.) that need to be carefully calibrated. Automating this important and highly complex step allows the user to easily get an audio file of optimal quality.

The next step

The beta version that’s currently online will allow Armel Beaudry to gather user comments and fix some minor issues in the platform, before moving on to the next step: the proper launch. This should take place in autumn, according to the founder.

You can test the beta platform today by creating a free account on the Trebble FM website.

A welcomed help

The Trebble FM entrepreneur noted that the support provided by Cilex allowed him to broaden his business horizons.

“I obtained and still count on coaching from Farid Dagher, business coach at Cilex. He’s also an entrepreneur and he helped me conduct market research, improve the value of my innovation and better prepare its market entry. We also did some business development research and it’s been a plus for the company,” explained Armel Beaudry.

To learn more about Trebble FM and their audio editing platform, take a look at their website.

Whether you are starting out or expanding, the Cilex team is there to help you achieve your technological innovation goals. A helping hand could push your project even further! Get in touch with our team to learn more about our various services and accomplishments.


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