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Chloé Martinetti appointed as Director of Operations and Development

Martin A. Roy, CEO of Cilex, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Chloé Martinetti to the position of Director of Operations and Development within the organization. In this role, she will lead the whole of Cilex’s operations and will be involved in the shaping of its development strategy.

“I want to thank Chloé Martinetti for taking on this important challenge. Back from maternity leave, she joins a team of around ten people dedicated to developing innovation in the Outaouais region. I am happy to see Chloé back in the organization,” said Martin A. Roy.

Furthermore, the experience she has acquired at Cilex since 2016 will enable her to fully take on her new duties. In particular, her extensive knowledge of the issues specific to the Outaouais entrepreneurial ecosystem and the companies that make it up positions her as a key player at Cilex.

Ms. Martinetti will carry on the mission of the innovation catalyst, which is to propel startups, businesses and institutions in the development of their technological innovations by offering them a service framework for incubation, acceleration, and research and development. Cilex is dedicated to the promotion and development of a culture of innovation throughout the Outaouais region.


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