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Cilex Becomes Digital Advisor Registered With the Canada Digital Adoption Program

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

A lot has changed in the last two years, and Canadians are not doing business the same way anymore. The new postcovid reality has forced enterprises to rely more on e-commerce to ensure their survival. This is why we are proud to announce that Cilex is officially a digital advisor for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP).

Our team, selected based on the detailed eligibility criteria established by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, will take on an advisory role for the second phase of the CDAP called Boost Your Business Technology Grant.

Cilex will be able to assist SMEs that meet the program’s eligibility criteria with the development of a strategic plan that can boost their digital transformation. Our team’s role will be to provide impartial advice and suggest courses of action and innovative digital strategies that ensure the sustainability of participating businesses.

“Cilex has been part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem for many years now. Our proximity to startups and SMEs allows us to evaluate the extent of the work that’s needed for a digital transformation and determine the best way to carry it out. That’s part of our mission statement,” said Manuel Patry, in charge of digital transformation coaching at Cilex.

The Government of Canada has invested $4 billion in the CDAP to help companies increase their online presence and digitize their business activity. Grants are also available through the program so that SMEs can start doing business online, buy new e-commerce tools and finance the digital transformation of their current toolkit.

For more information about the CDAP and to verify your business’s eligibility, please consult our page detailing the program.

Whether you are starting out or expanding, the Cilex team is there to help you achieve your technological innovation goals. Get in touch with us to learn more about our various services and accomplishments!


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