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Digital transformation: it takes a village

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

“We’re a family business, so it made sense to me to include my family in what I was doing.”

Nicolas Gagné, marketing director at Win in Health (or Gagné en Santé in French), gave us this spontaneous answer when we asked him what persuaded him to include his employees in choosing a new tech product.

Employees become family

Of course Nicolas would ask for their help when it came time to innovate with business tools, especially since said innovation would be benefiting them tremendously.

The store, which specializes in natural and organic products, is currently implementing a new inventory management system to automate their online sale process. It’s quite the digital transformation for Win in Health – the company wasn’t using any management system despite having an online store for 12 years! Employees were manually taking care of everything labelling, ordering and more. However, sales in 2020 soared so quickly that the store’s capacity peaked and stalled.

After employee requests and a thorough assessment of the situation, the company concluded that new technology would help them optimize their operations. But there’s no shortage of management systems on the market! There’s something for everyone, at all and any price point. So how do you choose the appropriate one? By calling upon the people who face these challenges on the daily: the employees.

Équipe souriante de Gagné en Santé, à l'extérieur devant l'enseigne du bâtiment.
Nicolas Gagné, marketing director; Richard Gagné, owner; Rachelle Gagné, co-owner; Yves Barette, finance director.

Solving two issues at once

Nicolas didn’t stop at his own experience of the business, even if he’s been working there for years and knows it through and through. His employees were able to build him a detailed list of all tasks that could use some improvement, and this list is what helped Nicolas make a choice of which inventory management system to buy.

“If every employee can put in some work, I’m definitely going to encourage it. I have so many separate projects that I can’t possibly do it all myself. This method made the most sense, and it was the easiest way to implement a system that would help them by taking care of 80 to 90% of the heavy logistics workload of our inventory,” says Nicolas.

He thus solved two issues at once. Not only was he able to double-check the system requirements he envisioned with his employees, but the employees also helped him identify additional features that could be added to optimize the company’s existing process.


Digital transformation can be quite a challenge for businesses. Not only do they have to assess their needs and identify the solutions that could optimize performance, but they also have to implement these solutions and make sure their staff is comfortable and proficient with them. Thankfully, many government programs are available to help with this, including the Industry 4.0 Audit.

If this program sounds interesting to you, or if you also wish to optimize your company’s performance through a digital transformation, our experts and accredited auditors can help you! Send us a message!

As for Win in Health, the Gatineau business successfully rose to the challenge!

You can learn more about them through their website or by following them on social media!


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