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An Impressive First Publication for Our SR&ED Expert, Sylvia Andriamaharosoa, Ph.D.

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

It is often said that doctoral studies are a great challenge. Picture all the hours of work invested, the nights spent reviewing literature, all the sacrifices made to obtain the highest of degrees. Imagine then the pride and satisfaction felt by a graduate when their thesis is recognized for its excellence and subsequently shared among experts in their field of study. This is exactly what Sylvia Andriamaharosoa, Ph.D., our colleague and SR&ED expert at Cilex, felt when an article derived from her doctoral thesis was published in the International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach (IJITSA).

The article, titled Detecting the Causal Structure of Risk in Industrial Systems by Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks, is related to information technology. It was written in collaboration with Stéphane Gagnon, Associate Professor in Business Technologies Management at UQO, and Raul Valverde, Co-op Academic Director of the Supply Chain Management Operations and Business Technology Management at Concordia University.

In slightly more complex terms, the text deals with detecting the causal structure of risk in industrial systems.

Sylvia and her colleagues focused their efforts on the prioritization of risks in the form of correlated events sequences. The team proposed a new methodology using Dynamic Bayesian networks (DNB) to explore a new user interface for industrial control systems and data acquisition, known as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), to demonstrate the analysis method of risk causal structure.

Portrait of Sylvia, smiling while looking at the camera, woman in her 50s with light brown skin and long black hair, wearing a colourful blouse
Sylvia Andriamaharosoa, Ph.D.

At Cilex, Sylvia works with innovative businesses that rely on various scientific research methodologies and experimental development processes. According to her, the publication of this article could benefit multiple industries which are linked to risk prevention, not only Industry 4.0 but also the healthcare, cybersecurity, transportation, energy, and finance sectors.

Sylvia says she is beyond proud that her work has been recognized by giants of the scientific literature publishing industry such as IJITSA.

“This article is the ultimate step in my doctoral journey and I can now take on new research challenges,” she says. “IJITSA publishes literature that spans both basic and applied research. I am hoping that my article will reach colleagues and fellow practitioners who share the same passion for optimizing industrial risk management. The innovative contribution of Dynamic Bayesian networks should help me spark new research in various applications.”

For its part, Cilex management is pleased to be able to count on Sylvia’s expertise. Her role is to guide growing businesses and organizations through SR&ED planning and claims.

“I am extremely proud of the recognition awarded to our colleague Sylvia through the publishing of this article in the IJITSA. It’s fantastic to have one’s writing selected by an international publication, and this illustrates the reliability and conscientiousness of Sylvia’s work as an SR&ED expert at Cilex,” said Martin A. Roy, General Director at Cilex.

With a doctorate in information science and technology, a master’s degree in manufacturing systems technology and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, Sylvia has more than 15 years of experience in SR&ED. As an expert in applied research and innovation, she assists companies in their tax credit application process and in the evaluation of R&D relating to information technology management and the Industry 4.0 Audit program. She also advises companies in the choice and adoption of new technologies or business processes.

You can access Sylvia’s article on the IGI Global website.


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