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The Impulsion PME Program: A New Financing Program for Startups Coached by Cilex

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Cilex is proud to offer access to Impulsion PME, a program managed by Investissement Québec and supported by the Mouvement des accélérateurs d’innovation (MAIN), to all start-ups with high growth potential currently at the seed stage.

The goal of Impulsion PME is to help start-ups that are planning their first major funding round get access to investment capital in order to accelerate their growth. The program is built on the commitment and collaboration of three recognized types of entities: coaching entities, referring entities and recognized investors.

Start-ups coached by Cilex will be able to take advantage of loans convertible into equity capital, matched at a one-to-one ratio by recognized private investors. The $50 million budget over two years should allow companies referred by Cilex to get past the market introduction phase and start attracting venture capital investors.

This financing program announced last April 26th will allow Cilex to attract new projects and will enable numerous businesses to gain access to a generous source of funding.

“As MAIN partners, we are pleased to be able to offer this financing program to the start-ups we coach. This funding is in addition to the various programs from which our entrepreneurs can benefit from,” remarks Chloé Martinetti, Director of Operations and Development of Cilex.

Start-up companies coached by Cilex also have access to the Fast Track program from Futurpreneur, Entrepreneur International and Accelerate Entrepreneur from MITACS, phases 3a and 3b of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation’s entrepreneurship aid program (]PAEN), and numerous other funding tools to support their projects.

The maximum amount of funding offered by the Impulsion PME program is $1 million per business. We encourage you to read up on the eligibility criteria [link in French]* as well as the selection process for participating businesses.

* Loose translation: Eligible businesses are for-profit businesses in all economic sectors whose head office, policy centre and majority of permanent jobs are located in Quebec, with the exception of: (1) non-profit organizations; (2) for-profit businesses that operate in the retail sector, hosting and food services, personal and laundry services, and gambling and lottery in the traditional sense. Other exceptions may apply.


Whether you are starting out or expanding, the Cilex team can push you forward and guide you through your various innovative and technological projects. Outside help can push your projects even further! Get in touch with our team to learn more about our various services and multiple accomplishments.


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