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A Strong Mentor-Entrepreneur Relationship Propels Mimipots

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Less than two years ago, Myriam Soucy jumped headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship with the launch of Mimipots, while still working on her psycho-education degree at UQO. The young woman, coached by Cilex, never thought she would one day sell her products in various shops all over Quebec or even use innovation to help create them.

During her stay in the Outaouais region for her schooling, Ms. Soucy decided to call on the services of Cilex and show them her small business specializing in concrete decor elements, just to “see where it could lead.” She felt no apprehension when she scheduled an appointment with Cilex, right before the global pandemic. Meanwhile, her entrepreneurial background immediately caught the attention of the coaches, Farid Dagher and Charles Lapointe.

“Her project, Mimipots, was really interesting to us and we established a mentor-entrepreneur relationship. We’re still doing follow-ups with her today,” adds Farid Dagher, innovation catalyst at Cilex.

This mentor-entrepreneur relationship is what helped Ms. Soucy develop her entrepreneurial spirit.

“The Cilex team regularly shows me new areas of reflection and supports my strategic decision-making. Farid also helped significantly with my business plan and everything related to marketing, sales, B2B. Now I know how to take advantage of opportunities given to me, how to identify risk and how to boost the growth of my company. All words that weren’t part of my vocabulary until recently,” she adds with a laugh. Ms. Soucy also recently quit her master’s degree program to fully dedicate herself to her business.

It’s worth noting that Farid Dagher knows the entrepreneurial world through and through. After finishing a degree in finance at UQO, he launched the company Floorplay, the City at Night bar, the Groupe LaVolley and the Classique du Ruisseau in Gatineau.

Research and Development

In the last few months, Ms. Soucy also started dabbling in the world of innovation and research and development. She now designs and prints her product moulds in three dimensions. A silicone mould is then created from the 3D print in which the concrete can then be poured, leading to the final product.

“I need to refine my technique, but I really like this part of my work. I’m experimenting and inventing new products, it’s a very creative process. I need to design an efficient mould that will be easy and quick to unmould afterward. It’s a new skill in my toolset. My goal is to become one hundred percent independent,” emphasizes the 28-year-old entrepreneur.

For Sale Everywhere in Québec

Thanks to the unique concrete creations, Mimipots quickly made a name for itself on social media. Its products then made their way to a dozen shops everywhere in the province, including Habitude Design in Gatineau, Aroma Sì!, Kyoto Fleurs in Montréal and select Decors Véronneau stores.

“Our flowerpots are very popular, as well as our coin trays, our cups and our coasters. The in-store selling happened very quickly. I think the COVID-19 pandemic greatly helped small stores like Mimipots. The general population quickly became aware of the importance of buying locally and that allowed for my products to be noticed. It’s important to see the silver lining in all this.”

Looking back, Myriam Soucy is very pleased to have sought the services of Cilex: “The team made me trust in my own abilities. They are very human and can gauge if you’re ready to be told a specific opinion. They greatly respect the person behind the project.”

The young entrepreneur, now living in Terrebonne, looks forward to the future and has many projects ahead of her. She first wants to try her luck at Dans l’œil du dragon — Quebec’s Dragon’s Den — and then open her own workshop where she will be able to create more products, which will allow her business to expand.


Whether you are starting out or expanding, the Cilex team will push you forward and guide you through your various innovative and technological projects. Outside help could push your projects even further! To learn more about our various services and multiple accomplishments, get in touch with our team today.


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