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Nook Redefines the Future of In-Person Work

How can you best adapt to the COVID-19 crisis? How can you become a visionary in your community? Entrepreneurs the world over faced these two questions during the last year. The Nook team managed to answer them brilliantly with its new hybrid workspace management app.

Let’s be real, alternating in-person work and coworking spaces are now integral parts of our lives. The people behind Nook definitely think so. Their new app, which Cilex is currently testing, aims to help businesses be more flexible when managing their workspaces, to encourage collaboration whenever teamwork is needed. Through this new platform, employees can book spaces in their company’s offices to best collaborate with colleagues. Nook is all about empowering employees to do their best work, from where they work best.

The Nook app was born in February 2021 and its team, all based in the National Capital Region, decided a hybrid work formula would be the perfect way to promote safe collaboration. What’s hybrid work? It’s simply a mix of work-from-home and in-person work.

“Before launching this project, we got in touch with many business executives who had mentioned wanting to downsize their huge workspaces and promote hybrid work in the future. This is the new reality and it’s much more cost-effective for companies. So, we seized this opportunity and didn’t shy away from approaching businesses with over two thousand employees with our product,” says Kathryn Leslie, Head of Corporate Operations at Nook.

The Nook team also features Chad Carlson, President, as well as Rian Robertson and Jean-Philippe Lespinasse, who form the research and development department. They are a tight-knit and collaborative team made up of past Tungle and Foko Retail employees.

Marc Gingras is also a co-founder, board member and investor in Nook. This is not his first time in such a venture, as the Gatineau businessman is well-known for launching the applications Foko Retail and Tungle.

Why Cilex?

A few months ago, the Nook team chose Cilex as a beta tester for its expertise in innovation and start-up companies, and its role in the world of entrepreneurship.

“The Cilex team can help start-ups with innovation and development and can provide solutions to real-world problems. This is excellent for the user experience. Sometimes it becomes essential for a start-up to be reminded of its main objective, which is to fulfill a need. Cilex is the ideal partner to propel Nook forward,” adds Ms. Leslie.

The app is also compatible with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google. Its team now wants to integrate advanced intelligence onto the platform. Kathryn Leslie explains: “We want to offer suggestions based on how employees use their time, how their colleagues do so, such as to allow our platform to figure out the best time to be in the office.”

In the coming months, Nook will be launching new capabilities including advanced analytics and enhanced scheduling and planning methods. Try it today!


Whether you are starting out or expanding, the Cilex team will push you forward andguide you through your various innovative and technological projects. Outside help could push your projects even further! To learn more about our various services and multiple accomplishments, get in touch with our team today.


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