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Cilex Supports the Project of a Cybersecurity Ministry in Quebec

Gatineau, Tuesday October 26, 2021 — Cilex management supports the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, in his goal to set up an official cybersecurity ministry for the province.

The Prime Minister made this announcement during an opening statement at the National Assembly of Quebec, where he was presenting the results of his government’s first three years in office along with their priorities for the rest of their mandate.

This new ministry would ensure better usage of the provincial government’s databases and offer Quebecers digital citizenship to grant them faster and safer access to online state services. The ministry would also be tasked to oversee the cybersecurity and protection of government data from theft and computer attacks.

As the organization leading Connexité, the Gatineau innovation zone project specializing in cybersecurity and digital health, “Cilex sees this announcement as a message from the Prime Minister underscoring the importance of cybersecurity and data protection for all of society. Cybersecurity affects all the various operations that a business might conduct and so must be fully understood by businesses. We believe that with the implementation of a cybersecurity ministry, Quebec will be firmly positioned as a leader in the Canadian ecosystem,” says Martin A. Roy, General Director of Cilex.

The Connexité innovation zone project will be an international collaboration hub aiming to catalyze innovation in the fields of cybersecurity, digital identity and digital health. Investors, future entrepreneurs, businesses and research specialists from everywhere in the world will be able to move in and pool their expertise together to work on various infrastructure and cutting-edge projects, to facilitate market entry for innovative technologies.


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